Chairman's Message

Bal Mandir Model Senior Secondary School started off under the aegis of Public Education Society Mandi Dabwali way back on March 29, 1963; however, it was granted affiliation by Central Board of Secondary New Delhi in 1983 and since then the school has been rendering a yeoman service to the society.

The most adorable and the founder of Bal Mandir School, Babu Shri Nanak Chand Aggarwal Ji, Advocate, was a true Indian to the core, loved Indian culture and heritage. Being a keen observer, he observed that many parents and children were being distracted from their educationist values in the name of English Medium schools, who not only were adopting western life style but education as well. It moved him the most from within and vowed to save the Indian values along with its culture and heritage. That was the turning point in his life. That was the moment he thought he would start an English Medium school for the people of this area in order to infuse Indian values and culture in the budding scholars. He wanted that the people should not forget their fraternity, respect for elders, togetherness and love for the country. He wanted the posterity to know how India got freedom and how school children be taught to pay their tribute to all those freedom fighters, who sacrificed themselves for this noble cause. Cherishing such dreams ultimately resulted into the foundation of Bal Mandir Model Sen. Sec. School, the first English Medium school of this area affiliated to CBSE. With passage of time, the sampling that was planted in 1957 turned into a massive tree and Babu Ji realised that Sh.Ved Prakash Jindal Ji was the true follower to shoulder the responsibility with same zeal and enthusiasm as the former had performed. Sh.Ved Prakash Jindal Ji had all the qualities of head and heart vowed to continue the mission of saving the people from losing their values and left no stone unturned and very befittingly strengthened the hands of Babu Ji.

Though, both of them are not with us today, yet their inexplicable works inspire and guide us to make Bal Mandir school move ahead on the path ignited by both of them. May God grant peace and solace to the two noble souls in Heaven!

The legacy left behind by these two magnanimous stalwarts in the form of Bal Mandir school has ever since been progressing by leaps and bounds and forging ahead by imparting value education with academic excellence.

Bal Mandir school has now evolved into a full-fledged senior secondary school providing exquisite educational facilities up to class XII in Medical, Non-Medical, Commerce and Arts streams. We offer a platform to unfold creative talent among the student community. Our school channelises and polishes the hidden and artistic talent of the students in a positive manner and also offers the opportunity for concentration in Pursuit of Excellence. Our institution has been able to earn a position of pride in society only because of dedicated and devoted services. Since the formative early years of students and upto senior secondary school level, Bal Mandir school provides careful attention and quality education according to the standards set by CBSE. With a highly qualified and experienced faculty, we aim at wider horizons. The highest standards of conduct, efficiency and cultural integrity are developed in students, thereby moulding them into well-developed personalities.

We, at Bal Mandir School, strongly believe that teaching-learning process sane value education is like the ship without rudders. Values were as guidance system and help us reach our destination. Education without values will fall short of achieving its goal. Mere teaching, learning, improving knowledge and skills without building character and mind may not contribute to the holistic development of children, which is a must for the world to become a better place. The Managing Committee strongly lays more stress on education by imparting human values because it shall have better results than mere education. Thus, more stress on the values such as patience, honesty, tolerance, sympathy and love for fellow students (brethren and sisters). Once value-education becomes everyone’s priority in life, all the negative aspects of life will automatically dwindle.

And this is how value-education is a part and parcel of the teaching-learning process at Bal Mandir School. Our school’s educational programme is oriented to the future and helps children develop knowledge and skills they need in future.