Principal's Message

The visionary step for the development of society primarily depends upon the education and health. Our society is giving maximum possible material to the society regarding education, moral values and in the form of co-curricular activities. The alumni will have the opportunity to learn from our efforts in the concerned sector because whatever we say we mean it.
I believe that the road to progress is endless and the sky is no more the limit. I am again proud to say that students of our institution with the imbibed virtues of creativity and potential, show and vie for due opportunity in every field.
The benefit of education happens to be the best in an environment of active learning comprised of seeing, doing and building knowledge, and students are the most eminent section. The quality of individual is determined by the environment they live in. The class of education they get is not an end but a means to an end. People do not educate children only for the purpose of educating them, but their objective is to make them fit for life education, which aims not only getting a good job but also to make them good and responsible citizens of the country. A student is a person who studies anything irrespective of his age. A student’s only purpose is to study, and one, who is not devoted to study, cannot be called an ideal student. Progressive methods of teaching are adopted here to provide an opportunity for learning by doing, for observation, for experimentation and for co-operation.
The ability to acquire knowledge and the human facilities are divine gifts. With the growth of knowledge, our awareness and consciousness also develop. Education is what prepares us in our quest for knowledge. Education is a lifelong process that lasts from the cradle to grave. Education gives us the tools, training, methodology, techniques and processes and which help us acquire more knowledge and to continuously improve ourselves.
S. K. Kaushik
Bal Mandir Model Sen. Sec. School